The Deep Space

Alien (1979)
From what I’ve been able to recognize, sic-fi was a huge kind of genre in the film industry and still is today. With futuristic settings and plots, Alien is one of those films that literally sucks you in to the drama and amazing sequences that follow some of the most horrific but memorable scenes in my opinion. From the “chestburster” to the “facehugger”, Alien beautifully blends horror with special effects as well as its implacable plot where the cast is hunted down by the titular character. For a film released in 1979, this one addresses itself as a milestone in the sic-fi genre at the time it was released. Along with the originality of the effects, it has its own unique plot-holes and open-endings, which would eventually spawn a franchise of its own. This film alone is by far a favorite of mine and whether or not its sequels would maybe cause some detractors, Alien for me continues to be the perfect combination of science fiction and horror.


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