How to disappear… Like a boss

Hollow Man (2000)

For some odd reason I’ve always really liked this film. With Kevin Bacon as the titular “Hollow Man” the aspects of this film are really remarkable to me. The story of an invisible man and how it affects his physique sounds pretty cool, but as a kid I always enjoyed this film because of its effects.


There’s a few scenes that I like about this film when it comes to those effects. The first would be when Bacon’s character begins to disappear in his lab from skin to tissue to muscle to body parts to bones. Another notable part was the whole mask-creating scene for Bacon’s character as well as his invisible body being shown through water, whether it was the pool scene or the sprinkler scene.

Story-wise I thought this film and its plot were relatively good enough. Scientist turns invisible, scientist becomes disturbed, scientist becomes obsessed with his own “power”, and scientist finally becomes a killer. I could maybe look at it kind of like a slasher towards the end, but overall, “Hollow Man” is decent enough if you want to see a film with REAL good effects. That’s just my take on it.


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