9 Months & Out

Juno (2007)

This is kind of weird for me to talk about. “Juno” as it is known by, happens to be one of those films that doesn’t really sink in with me like it probably should’ve. From what I’ve heard about, a lot of people and even critics really like this movie, but I’m admittedly NOT one of those people. I’ll try to elaborate a little bit.


First of all I don’t hate this movie but I don’t like it either, or should I say one particular character. The titular character that was played by Ellen Page was pretty real and sometimes humorous I’ll admit, but sometimes seemed very naive, brash, and cocky. I did admire some aspects of her character. She choses to be smart by actually thinking through her decisions and handle them with care. That’s especially admirable about her, given that she is basically in a coming-of-age situation with adulthood right in her front door. As for her overconfidence though, Juno just never rubbed me the right way. If anything I actually liked her dad better (JK Simmons).

As for some of the other aspects of film like the plot and themes itself, it was pretty much the way you would expect a film about pregnancy to be. Something unplanned occurs, lives take on a new path for the future, drama escalates with hardships, but by some miracle everything works out in the end. I just could never put my finger on it. This film did have some sequences that made me laugh and feel entertained but overall it just wasn’t for my taste. I’m sure others would think otherwise so I’ll just say that “Juno” is still worth a view, given that others may interpret the film differently.


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