So bad, you may actually like it

Jason X

My title at the beginning of this post pretty much says it all. Released in 2002, this dead-end sequel only sees our poor franchise character go from one bad setting to another (I’m referring to “Jason Goes to Manhattan”). While a movie about Jason going to the future may seem original and interesting, the actual finished product is anything but far from fascinating.


Looking at the decision to put Jason in space and turn him into a robot-like serial killer was a bad move to begin with. The concept of that would involve killing the uniqueness of Jason. He belongs in Camp Crystal Lake where teenagers go to die. He connects with his setting and when I watched him being “revived” with technology in the middle of space, it just didn’t feel right. His character only gets more staler with what is supposed to be an “upgrade” for Jason.

Back to the story, Jason goes to space, starts killing some students and they even decide to throw an android into all of this. That is where I have another point to make. The aspect of putting more distinctive characters in the movie kind of takes away the attention that was supposed to be put on Jason. If the film starts becoming more about the science fiction aspect, then the horror element begins to drain itself out.

I hope I’m not the only one who thinks this. Don’t get me wrong, there ARE other films that can make this work like “Alien,” but with the serial killer from a closed summer camp, that just doesn’t sound right at all. In the end that only brings me to the weirdest point about how I ultimately feel about the movie.

It’s soooo bad that I actually thought it could be considered good for that very reason. I’m not sure how to explain it, but I’ll try. It’s like shooting for the stars and you only end falling on your head after jumping a few feet. You end up laughing maybe because of how hard they tried to make an upgrade for Jason, but instead he only ends up getting demoted even further down the list of slasher serial killers. The sequels only end up getting progressively worse and make you think twice about the film’s tagline, “Evil gets an upgrade.” Irony. I guess if you enjoyed this film you’d have to be a real hardcore science fiction fan or a real fan of Jason.


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