Noble Steed Indeed


If I didn’t write about “Shrek” before, I’d have to be crazy cuckoo. But I’m not, so here we go. Besides Pixar, DreamWorks has some of the best animated films that I love and this is the reason for one of them. Released in 2001, this one for some reason will have a special place in my heart. Maybe it’s because I would always want to hit that replay button as a kid. Maybe it’s because of how alluring  and compelling it was with it’s animation. Or maybe it’s because of its high-end originality with its characters and the various ways that it alluded pop culture. Or maybe it was because of its catchy soundtrack.


Before I watched “Shrek” I did NOT even know what an ogre was. I just thought it was another word for feces. But thank goodness, this film cleared that up for me. We have our titular character on a quest to save a princess, he makes some friends as well as some enemies, and becomes a hero destined for greatness altogether.

What I loved about this, was how “Shrek” basically took those elements and flipped it around on its own. An ogre for a hero goes completely against the norm of handsome prince. A donkey for a sidekick goes completely against the norm of noble steed. Throw in a female dragon, a midget king & a beautiful princess that actually turns into a polar opposite at night, and you’ve got something original and hilarious.

I also appreciated the effects and how every character’s design was handled perfectly to give them a realistic look. Even the inclusion of various fairy tale creatures is also something I’ll always remember about this series. They usually are thrown in for comic relief when everything seems too serious but they do a pretty decent job at mocking who these characters are. Out of all these characters, my favorite would have to be Donkey (for this first installment). A “useless, pathetic, annoying talking donkey” was the best idea they could’ve came up with.

You can’t help but love the voices of all the characters and I think that’s where the casting worked perfectly. Everyone fit their roles as well as their character’s personalities. Last but certainly not least, if there was one other thing that I loved about “Shrek,” it was the fact that EVERYONE could love it. Animated movies are typically focused on gaining children’s eyes, but if I were to watch this movie again now, at 19 years old (and I haven’t watched this in a long time), I’m pretty sure I would still be laughing my buttocks off. 10 years later I’m pretty sure I’ll still feel the same way.


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