Freaky Enough

Freaky Friday (2003)

Once upon a time there was Lindsay Lohan. Once upon a time there was Jamie Lee Curtis. Eventually these two would “trade” places for a day and I mean literally. “Freaky Friday” embellishes the positive tones and messages that it conveys to an audience, whether it be Jamie’s hilarious acting or Lindsay’s typical but humorous performance. And just think, those roles are meant to played by each character in vice-versa transition.


Imagine you’re mom for a day. The responsibilities of adulthood and the troubles that kids must bring you. Now think like a teenager. The drama, the living-in-the-moment mentality, the considerations about your future. It’s obviously a Disney production, but somehow I still remember loving this movie with every bit of laughter that it would instill on me. Tess and Anna are basically a mom and daughter duo who unexpectedly end up switching their bodies after a fatefully reading a fortune cookie

Credit should definitely go to Jamie who took herself to the unfamiliar role of being comedic, which is unique because I always remembered her for the Halloween series, as did everyone else I’m sure. Playing the teenager who gets trapped in her mom’s body seems pretty seldom, but for Jamie, I think what made this work was the fact that we see her display the typical rebellious teenager who gives off nothing but a vibe of unique naiveness. Her makeover would have to be my favorite part.

Then of course, we have to give Lindsay some credit. I’ve always had the typical celebrity crush on her (well at least until 2006), but let’s just put aside that fantasy for a moment. Since she’s playing the mature mom who get’s trapped inside her daughter’s body, she has maybe the chance to be “serious” for once in her life. Complete opposite! She humiliates her English teacher, berates her friends, and even sabotages a fellow alumni’s school test. Oh well, so much for having gown up.

This isn’t the greatest comedy of all time but it’s one that everyone should at least watch once. It’s not one necessarily meant for adults but it is a payoff of well-toned humor for both kids and teenagers. Who knows. Maybe some of you adults reading this post could find it funny. But like I said, everything has to be tried at least once. Don’t love it till you try it. Keep in mind that this is a Disney movie we’re talking about.


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