A Little Bit About Yours Truly…

Hello there, well I’m Kevin and I’m so glad you took a little time to stop by my blog here. What you are looking at is a blog simply dedicated to the ever-expanding world of cinema. From any given genre, I take a seat back in the “reel room” and offer my opinionated critique of any movie that comes to mind.

I may use some complicated vocabulary from time to time, but I’m sure we can adjust (by we, I mean you). I also tend to have an odd sense of humor on undetermined occasions or so I’ve been told, and it’s sure to shine here once in a while. Regardless, I’m overall a friendly kind person, who asks for nothing but the same sincerity in return.

Films have always been a real big influence in me having an idea of what it is I like and what I don’t find so appealing. From a general analysis to a deeper understanding of the themes or plot in a movie, I’ve always found these things to be interesting as well as something virtuous to share with others, given that a film delivers just what it should.

The general audience can differ from what I think, but I would say that’s the beauty of my blog. It’s a bit of me either praising or bashing against whatever film I’m “reviewing.” I’m not a professional writer. I’m not famous nor popular. I don’t even have the job of being an official movie critic, but what I do have is the gift of disappointment and enjoyment for films and I can vent it all out here.

If you have any film suggestions, you can comment to me on it here or preferably on the “Visitor Feedback” page and I’ll gladly offer some insight. Also if you have any suggestions on what I should add or edit about this blog, I’m open to ideas and critiques. Everyone has an opinion and mine is just as good or bad as anyone else’s. Thanks for reading guys and I hope you enjoy your stay :).


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