Thanks to You

This completely has nothing with my blog (actually it has everything to do with it). Thank you so much guys for making my morning. All of you are awesome.


Voting Inspiration

So just a quick spoiler if you don’t feel the need to read on, this isn’t a movie review or gif post or anything like that but rather a quick PSA from yours truly. Kind of a coincidence that I just created an assessment page for this blog since today was election day, which I took part in (maybe that was the accidental inspiration mwahaha >:D ). Assessment, poll, survey, feedback page, whatever you want to to call it, it basically exists now. So now you can cast your opinion on my blog if you wish. I welcome everyone’s feedback as well as comments, whether it’s favorable or not. If you don’t know where to “vote”, it’s on the section called “Visitor Feedback.”