In It For the Whole Stretch

Happy Gilmore (1996)

Adam Sandler usually picks out his roles in various nuanced characters. Out of all his roles so far, one of my favorites would have to be the impulsive temper-acting titular character. This was actually one of his first roles ever and from what I’ve read he even made a production company out of it (Happy Madison). Released in 1996, golf maybe found a new place in comedy with “Happy Gilmore” thanks to Adam Sandler’s outrageous yet hilarious performance.


Since this was one of Sandler’s early films, it isn’t much of a surprise that a lot of his humorous material here was fresh and original as compared to his more recent stale work. It isn’t that much of a recyclable gag film, but rather a progressive one that follows Happy on a quest to save his grandmother’s house after it gets repossessed by the IRS. Eventually he inadvertently  finds the solution in playing golf and soon sets his goal on winning a grand golf tournament.

The rest of the film’s plot follows the various struggles that Happy must cope with such as his arch-enemy rival, McGavin. If you’ve already seen this film you would certainly know that Happy has a temper problem that he just can’t control and usually that’s where most of our laughter ends up coming from. Of course this flaw in his character ends up being his greatest advantage as he develops his unique “skills” under the tutelage of Chubbs.

Another part that almost made it too irresistible for me, from what I remember was the scene with Bob Barker. Their fight taking place before a national television audience almost left me wanting more celebrity cameos. But alas, Happy makes full use of his temper as his best weapon against McGavin as he delivers long-distance worthy shots. Putting however is something that he definitely needs to work on, and trust me if he screws up, he would not hide the fact that he isn’t the happiest person to be around.

Ironic given that his name is Happy but alas inside all of us, we sometimes too feel this temper that just needs to be let out. Don’t believe me? Check out Happy’s way of coping with his frustration…

See what I mean? It isn’t Sandler’s most notable mature work to date, but it’s still holds a special place in my heart. “Happy Gilmore” is a fun ride filled with deride laughter and entertainment. I would certainly recommend it for any late-night comedy enjoyment.


Zombieland (G #27)

Playing tag with your cousins…

Zombieland (2009)

As even the zombies would prove, “Rule #1: Cardio”

Mean Girls (G #26)

Visualizing your school on the Discovery channel…

Mean Girls Chaos

Mean Girls (2004)

Regina George certainly knows how to keep her cool.

A Case of AeroBATics

Batman Begins (2005)

I love Batman. How else could I start this post? The key essential of Batman that I’ve always admired about him would have to be his consistent moral philosophy which comes into conflict whenever he faces a certain set of circumstances. Usually this kind of occurrence involves many of Batman’s noteworthy adversaries. I’ve seen the original Batman films and this was definitely a step-up in terms of establishing the titular character as well the superhero genre in general.


Released in 2005, “Batman Begins” follows a new origin story where the titular character’s backstory is explored as well as his eventual rise to become the caped crusader that Gotham would come to know. Everything about the Batman that we’ve seen in comics, speaks out for itself in Christopher Nolan’s vision of Bruce Wayne. We see his life-defining tragedy involving the murder of his parents, his conflicted feelings about true justice, and the issue with revenge getting thrown into the mix. Under the tutelage of Ra’s al Ghul, he goes from a lost prisoner without any compassion to a man on a path of saving the world.

It is here that Bruce’s ethics come into play as Ra’s al Ghul’s moral philosophy of saving the world involves killing other people regardless of whether or not they’re innocent. From here on, Bruce makes his return to Gotham where he develops his vision of a symbol of justice and through that, Batman is born.

After building a reputation for himself as a dark vigilante on the streets of Gotham, he uncovers a sinister plot orchestrated by Scarecrow and his mysterious associate, who later turns out to be none other than Bruce’s mentor himself, Ra’s al Ghul. Following a lengthly climax, Batman succeeds in saving Gotham with the assistance of James Gordon. This leaves Gotham in a state of peril as Batman has apparently made an impact as well as a new set of enemies who rise up. One of them being the Joker, sets up the events of the sequel that would come to follow this installment.

Well in terms of a superhero film, “Batman Begins” exceeds in building a formidable story that makes the dark knight a believable hero. Bruce Wayne’s relationships with his close ones are also explored as he comes into conflict over whether the Batman will define who he is or whether Bruce himself will become the mask that covers up the Batman. Action is here, plot twists aren’t completely present but sufficient enough, and a well-put plot makes the audience think.

Sure this movie’s old now in this era, but it’s not forgotten. It set the pave work for what would follow in its noteworthy sequel as well the establishment of superhero films as the new popular genre that came into prominence at the turn of the century. All praise should go out to Nolan for his direction as well as the production for every other aspect. Last but not least, the cast also deserves their share of the recognition for bringing to life these comic book characters. And Christian Bale? Well he earned my full admiration for playing Batman the way he did. Now let’s just see if Ben Affleck will be able to pull it off.

Voting Inspiration

So just a quick spoiler if you don’t feel the need to read on, this isn’t a movie review or gif post or anything like that but rather a quick PSA from yours truly. Kind of a coincidence that I just created an assessment page for this blog since today was election day, which I took part in (maybe that was the accidental inspiration mwahaha >:D ). Assessment, poll, survey, feedback page, whatever you want to to call it, it basically exists now. So now you can cast your opinion on my blog if you wish. I welcome everyone’s feedback as well as comments, whether it’s favorable or not. If you don’t know where to “vote”, it’s on the section called “Visitor Feedback.”

The Matrix (G #25)

When you decide to show off those limbo skills…

Bullet Time

The Matrix (1999)

Ok let’s just take a moment to thank the Wachowski brothers for popularizing bullet time.

Freaky Enough

Freaky Friday (2003)

Once upon a time there was Lindsay Lohan. Once upon a time there was Jamie Lee Curtis. Eventually these two would “trade” places for a day and I mean literally. “Freaky Friday” embellishes the positive tones and messages that it conveys to an audience, whether it be Jamie’s hilarious acting or Lindsay’s typical but humorous performance. And just think, those roles are meant to played by each character in vice-versa transition.


Imagine you’re mom for a day. The responsibilities of adulthood and the troubles that kids must bring you. Now think like a teenager. The drama, the living-in-the-moment mentality, the considerations about your future. It’s obviously a Disney production, but somehow I still remember loving this movie with every bit of laughter that it would instill on me. Tess and Anna are basically a mom and daughter duo who unexpectedly end up switching their bodies after a fatefully reading a fortune cookie

Credit should definitely go to Jamie who took herself to the unfamiliar role of being comedic, which is unique because I always remembered her for the Halloween series, as did everyone else I’m sure. Playing the teenager who gets trapped in her mom’s body seems pretty seldom, but for Jamie, I think what made this work was the fact that we see her display the typical rebellious teenager who gives off nothing but a vibe of unique naiveness. Her makeover would have to be my favorite part.

Then of course, we have to give Lindsay some credit. I’ve always had the typical celebrity crush on her (well at least until 2006), but let’s just put aside that fantasy for a moment. Since she’s playing the mature mom who get’s trapped inside her daughter’s body, she has maybe the chance to be “serious” for once in her life. Complete opposite! She humiliates her English teacher, berates her friends, and even sabotages a fellow alumni’s school test. Oh well, so much for having gown up.

This isn’t the greatest comedy of all time but it’s one that everyone should at least watch once. It’s not one necessarily meant for adults but it is a payoff of well-toned humor for both kids and teenagers. Who knows. Maybe some of you adults reading this post could find it funny. But like I said, everything has to be tried at least once. Don’t love it till you try it. Keep in mind that this is a Disney movie we’re talking about.