Another Close Encounter

Paul (2011)

This is one alien that I actually wished existed. Released in 2011, “Paul” follows Graeme, Clive and the titular character on a cross-country adventure. While it’s foolish at times, it’s remarkable to laugh at and enjoy watching an alien with a nuanced sense of humor.


First off, I loved the idea of having Seth Rogen voice the titular character. His character fit his personality perfectly and it gets caught up in a series of humorous conversations that everyone has with regards to Paul’s origins and his race. As for the plot of the film, I would have to say that it doesn’t necessarily bring anything new to the table, but it makes up for it with its other series of conversations about science, religion and the unknown.

The production alone was handled really well in my book. You can tell by watching Paul’s appearance, that the production team tried to make him look more comedic and believable without being too horrific. Pretty much tho, Rogen is the only standout in this film. Everyone else’s performance was well-delivered, but not anything Oscar-worthy.

It can be a little cliched from time to time, but it’s wildly entertaining. The bromance, the setting, the characters, they’re all well crafted and bring us a hilarious story. If there ever was an E.T. movie version for adults, this would definitely have to be it. As brash and over-the-top as Paul may be, you can’t help but love the guy.


Alien (G #6)

Alien Gif

Alien (1979)

Well, these late nights got this image thing crossing my mind. Now I feel hungry. Yummm…

The Deep Space

Alien (1979)
From what I’ve been able to recognize, sic-fi was a huge kind of genre in the film industry and still is today. With futuristic settings and plots, Alien is one of those films that literally sucks you in to the drama and amazing sequences that follow some of the most horrific but memorable scenes in my opinion. From the “chestburster” to the “facehugger”, Alien beautifully blends horror with special effects as well as its implacable plot where the cast is hunted down by the titular character. For a film released in 1979, this one addresses itself as a milestone in the sic-fi genre at the time it was released. Along with the originality of the effects, it has its own unique plot-holes and open-endings, which would eventually spawn a franchise of its own. This film alone is by far a favorite of mine and whether or not its sequels would maybe cause some detractors, Alien for me continues to be the perfect combination of science fiction and horror.