When Dolls Attack

Annabelle 2014

So while I was on vacation, I went to see “Annabelle” with some friends and family. A little side note: I actually liked “The Conjuring” and since then, I was really anticipating this semi-prequel. After watching it however I was anything but completely satisfied. It’s not bad but I find a lot of flaws in it.


So basically if you haven’t watched “The Conjuring,” you can still watch this “horror movie” but there isn’t really anything new about this movie that I haven’t seen in other horror films. If anything, this actually made me laugh more than it did scare me. Most of its “scary” scenes are based purely on pop-up antics and out-of-nowhere surprises. Even so, there isn’t much that I can praise about the film other than maybe the way it was shot. It’s like a POV film which incorporates that element to have us see what the characters are seeing and just how terrified they and hopeless they are until something just pops up out of nowhere.

Everything else seems like it was just clustered up such as the story, the characters, the acting and obviously the Annabelle doll. I thought they were okay but even the woman from the library had more backstory than the main characters did. As for how the story played out, it was just like a haunted house movie, only here the house isn’t causing the haunting but the doll is. That’s where I want to talk about the infamous Annabelle doll. All we ever get out of “her” is the story that a crazed woman from a cult passes her soul into the doll and thus she is trying to summon some kind of demon. It admittedly is kind of creepy and realistic since this kind of situation can happen anywhere but I still thought they could give us something more.

The part I really disliked was the ending. Obviously you would expect some kind of resolution or cliffhanger, but the way this ending was done was anything but fascinating. It’s a simple sacrifice-to-save-another cliche moment where the librarian jumps to save the innocent baby from dying. There wasn’t any originality or surprise in making me wonder whether something unexpected would be played out. I’d actually prefer a cliffhanger ending.

Like I said, if you’re into “The Conjuring” this will be a bit of a loss of momentum, when you compare the two. I can say it definitely is worth a watch but that should be it. It’ll surely give some people a thrill but as for other horror movie-goers like me, I only ended up laughing more than being frightened. Put more simply, if you’ve seen the trailer, you will almost already know when to anticipate a scary sequence so you’ll probably end up laughing in excitement. At least that’s how my experience was. But like I just said, it’s still worth at least one watch, because after all… that is one creepy ass doll.