Groundbreaking “Effect(s)”

Avatar (2009)

From the Na’vi themselves to the dozens of species that exist on Pandora as well as the geography of the entire landmass, “Avatar” can almost immediately be summed up as a groundbreaking film in terms of special effects. Released in 2009, this one looked like James Cameron hit a home run on certain levels.


To me, the story of “Avatar” seemed pretty cliched. A main character (Sully) thrust into the wild by the majority; he/she encounters the unknown or less-advanced population (Na’vi), forms an unlikely alliance and together, they take on the stronger majority, and thus a “new hero” is born out of it. Even so it’s still an emotional investment that can keep you wanting to know what follows after every sequence. Apart from that, the acting is decent enough, but not the main aspect of the film.

What really was the stand-out aspect, and I’m sure almost everyone will agree with me, is the utilization of special effects. I’m not always a fan of CGI sometimes because it can divert the audience’s attention from the plot, but in this case, James Cameron really made it work. Since this film takes place on the fictional Pandora setting, it’s pretty obvious that visual effects would come into play and I really enjoyed it, and I’m sure most of you did too.

With all that said, “Avatar” to me really is that special film that seems ahead of its time. Definitely not the best film ever made, but a groundbreaking one for sure. If you still haven’t seen it, I most certainly encourage you too. It’s long, but it’s visually stunning as a big payoff.