Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?

Rush Hour (1998)

Most buddy cop films these days are too cliched. They either lack in an interesting or an original kind of plot with uncommon characters. Still I want to take a look back at one of my favorite childhood films that could always make me laugh. With Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker in the lead roles, the first installment of “Rush Hour” proved to me how 2 very different people can have a unique chemistry at making people laugh.


While the focal point of the film focuses on Lee and Carter chasing down the kidnappers of the little girl, the majority of the film also showcases the amusing misadventures that they go through along the way. A lot of the humor is also drawn from the misunderstandings that both cops have towards each but their eventual pasts and present problems tend to bring them closer as they eventually open up and begin to trust one another. Another thing I noted about this film is the use of martial arts even though it’s set in the United States, but given the presence of Jackie Chan and Chinese characters in the film, it was bound to contain some of these elements.

Overall I’ll say this was a movie entertaining enough to deliver some laughs and enjoyment. From action scenes to cop chases to Lee’s seriousness with Carter’s insincerity, this is definitely not an Oscar picture, but still worth the ride to watch for your own amusement.