The Darker Side of the West

Unforgiven (1992)

Of the many film directors to come to my mind, Clint Eastwood is by far one of my favorites. From what I’ve been able to tell from a young age, he looks like he has a taste for the dramatic when it comes to the western genre. This film “Unforgiven” was no different. Even while it was released way before I was even born, its darker pace of action and dialogue make it among one of the most notable western films. That’s just my take on it. From its unique themes of analyzing violence to its misconceptions of the “Old West” era, this film takes realism and actually makes it work; something that most western films have never really been able to do from what I’ve seen. Even then its surreal sequences from the cat-and-mouse plot of the story with Munny to the climatic finale which I consider one of my favorite scenes, Unforgiven is almost flawless. The dialogue especially is at the end is one of my favorite aspects about the movie. Fascinating and believable enough to say the least.