The “Scientific” Romance

Her 2013

So I’ve been trying to find the right movie to blog about as my first post in terms of the romance genre. Keep in mind that I am a guy. Thus I rarely like any romance film or even find one interesting or original enough to call it a “good” film. That’s another reason why I rarely talk about the romance genre in general. But with “Her” I actually have to beg to differ. Released in 2013, this is one that actually makes us examine ourselves and what our lives would probably be like in the not-so-distant future. Even then it also has some very comedic moments in-between.


Technology is advancing and to have a story with a man falling in love with his computer seems like a joke right? But I think Spike Jonze applied this plot a little more intelligently. If he was going to give an operating system a personality, he would do so with a cleverly voice-over performance by Scarlett Johansson for Samantha. Joaquin Phoenix is there with a great performance as well to provide human response towards her.

“Her” also kind of puts us on the spot when it comes to dealing with emotional trauma. Since this story follows Theodore falling in love with Samantha, it shows us how certain people can sometimes cope with negative emotions in the most unhealthy ways. The rarest part of the movie that I think we get as the most incentive, was Samantha’s revelation to Theodore. If you say you are in love with 641 others at the same time, you’d have to be some kind of cuckoo, but in a way it is interesting when you think about how technology is advancing.

That brings me to another aspect that I really liked about “Her.” Since it is also a science fiction movie, it isn’t afraid to cross the boundary where it raises questions about how humans or technology would coexist in the future, especially if it would involve some kind of romantic connection in-between. Everything else from the cinematography to the soundtrack was just what it needed to be to make “Her” believable enough.

I know most people will probably think of this as boring or corny just from reading my post, etc but to me it really is an interesting film, that actually has some originality. It’s definitely way better than “The Notebook” which I know a lot of girls are surely more familiar with and will probably scathe me for saying all this.