The Real “Monsters”

Monsters Inc (2001)

We’re talking about monsters, not humans. If a child touches a monster, he or she is in fatal danger. The appeal of “Monsters Inc” is one that notably gives power to children as the audience. Whether it’s under our bed or hiding in the closet, this Pixar film takes that concept and hilariously turns it around on its own head to show that it is actually the monsters that are more terrified our “toxic” human touch.


“Monsters Inc” introduces the lovable dynamic duo consisting of Sulley and Mike Wazowski. I included Mike’s last name because for some odd reason it’s always been a fun name to pronounce… Wazowski (ah that feel good). While these two have a heck of a day at work collecting children’s screams to help contribute to their world’s power supply, they unexpectedly get a surprise visit. Through a strange unknown pink door which serves as a portal to the human world, Sulley discovers that a little girl has entered the monster world.

This “serial killer” is eventually given the name, Boo, which showcases the progressive bond that Sulley and Mike eventually begin to form with the little girl. I’ve actually always wondered just how is it that monsters came up with this idea. First of all she turns out to be no toxic catalyst. She’s cute, she’s adorable, she’s charming, and best of all even she likes to say Mike’s last name…

Ah that felt great again… After a lucrative chase ensues with the film’s clear antagonist, Randall, Sulley and Mike must find a way to return Boo to the human world before she is discovered and apprehended by the CDA (I guess this is the monster’s version of the CIA).

The characters themselves are full of color and texture and enough emotion to make you fall in love with their uniqueness. Sulley is that horrific string monster that actually turns out to be the most emotional¬†sweetheart, thanks to Boo’c complete purity and charm. Of course this is also displayed by Sulley’s complete concern for Boo’s safety in even the lightest of situations…

Now Mike is a little more close-minded but his bond with Boo eventually becomes a tight one shared by the actions he has taken at the end of the film where he reconstructs Boo’s entire pink door from scratch. Hugging is maybe the most prominent display of love that is shown in this amazing animated film.

And well of course there’s Boo whose lovable charm and limited set of vocabulary, make her the ultimate puppet master and clear bundle of joy.

The animation and motion with hair is a very noteworthy thing to mention about “Monsters Inc.” Almost all the characters in this film have a distinctive hairy feature and thus it’s no secret that the production team had a lot to handle when it came to putting together the finished product. But yes, as any animated film lover would say, it certainly is worth it. “Monsters Inc” is a lovable piece of emotion and storytelling that can even engage adults into the mixture of its audience.