A Rat for a Rat

Reservoir Dogs (1992)

Well, I mentioned a film in one of my earlier posts and then it struck me. The next film I want to give my insight about was done by pretty much my favorite director to date, Mr. Quentin Tarantino. I’ll admit, this wasn’t the first film from Tarantino that I watched but it certainly remains one of my favorites. The way I look at, every film has some kind of a formula to it or a set of characters that have various interactions where we take a little personal look into their lives or perspectives. Released in 1992 as an independent film, “Reservoir Dogs” is pretty much the promo of what we as the audience would see and continue to see in many of Tarantino’s films.


It was kind of confusing for me at times to understand what exactly was occurring in the story since it follows an out-of-chronological order. From the opening scene in the diner to the meetings that occur with each character’s backstory to the ear-mutilating scene to the final shootout with Mr. White, Joe and Eddie, this movie really can keep your attention with each sequence. The dialogue itself was unique with its black humor and a story revolving around a diamond heist, or rather the events before and after the heist itself. Regardless I enjoyed the suspense of who is the rat and the way the characters’ aliases were named after a color; in fact one of the scenes poked fun at that idea of color names.

Overall this movie was entertaining for me and I loved every minute of it. Tarantino has yet to disappoint me, but the only flaw, if any, that I didn’t appreciate, was fact that the diamond heist itself is never actually shown. Kind of ironic since the majority of the plot focuses on how the heist is supposed to play out for everybody. In the end however I think Mr. Tarantino always intended it that way.