Pineapple Express (2008)

I’m a fan of Seth Rogen. Or should I say I’m a fan of his movies. From the ones I’ve seen so far, he always brings “IT,” one way or another in order to make people laugh whether it’s by himself or with his co-star(s). Whether it be the hilarious bromance we see or the insatiable desire for drugs, “Pineapple Express” delivers comedy altogether.

I don’t do drugs myself, but that does’t mean I have to in order to be able to laugh at the jokes and humor that even James Franco brings to the table. James for me was the real stand-out aspect of the film. Up until the time this film came out, I only used to remember him as the 2nd “Green Goblin,” but upon watching this I thought, “Wow, this guy is actually really funny.”


No matter how stoned or clueless Franco’s character Saul is, you can’t help but love the guy. The way he bounces off of the supposed bromance that he shares with Dale (Rogen), to inadvertently getting him into trouble with Ted and the police and ironically being the one to get him out of it, Franco pretty much stole the show. That’s why this movie seemed different for me; because Franco actually made me laugh more than Rogen did. Surprisingly the film also seemed well shot from a director’s standpoint. It made every scene look all the more dramatic than it probably should’ve since this is a comedy we’re talking about.

The title itself is more of a laugh too since every scene that involves use of the titular drug either has something hilarious in it or ends up getting Dale and Saul into even more “misadventures,” if we can even call it that. From Dale panicking after witnessing Ted commit murder, to the cat and mouse game involving Craig Robinson and Kevin Corrigan, to the hilarious fight scene involving Danny McBride, to a disastrous car chase scene, to the final shoot-out act, “Pineapple Express” should deliver enough entertainment if you want to enjoy a comedy without having to do drugs in order to laugh.