Pixar’s Shining

The Incredibles (2004)
I’ve always been a fan of Pixar. Their films from the moment I was born have always been a memory for me to cherish and continue to enjoy as Pixar continues to give us an enjoyable spawn of CGI animated films yearly. It’s no secret either that Pixar has yet to spawn an unfavorable film in the general public. This one released in 2005, was no different from the rest. While “The Incredibles” seemed to have a cliched formula of superheroes, and obvious characters, I really enjoyed certain aspects of the film. The most notable for me would have to be its somewhat darker take on the lives of superheroes as well as the superhero genre in general, even while this is obviously a children’s film. Regardless Pixar made it work with more adult themes and comedy as opposed to just a fart-joke film.