“Time just gets away from us”

True Grit (2010)

Well crafted, well acted, well directed, etc, “True Grit” is such a good film in my book. While I never read the actual book nor saw the original 1969 film, this┬áversion looks like it was handled with the best production possible and the best set of directors, the Coen Brothers. I’m a really big fan of their films and what I really noted about this one in particular, was how straight-forward the film was when it came to being just a “western.”


It’s pretty much a simple story. Mattie goes after her father’s murder and meets Cogburn and LaBeouf and their journey becomes a bit of an adventure as they try to locate Tom Chaney. Everybody fit their roles perfectly and you could tell they brought their A-game whether it’s Hailee Steinfeld, Jeff Bridges or Matt Damon. There aren’t really any kinds of “dark” themes present in the film which is what I alluded to earlier when I mentioned that it was surprising that the Coen Brothers directed this film.

They’re known for maker their films with a darker or more violent tone, but regardless this was still another fine masterpiece from them in my view. Eventually I want to see the original film and even read the book too, but for now all I’ll say is that “True Grit” is a western extravaganza. Enough said.